Email, Calendar, and Collaboration (Google and Office 365)

Listserv, dist. groups, Google Apps, etc.

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Submit a Ticket for Assistance with Email, Calendar, and Collaboration

I need assistance with Office 365, Gmail or other Google Apps, or a distribution group

Kent State Google Apps

Information about accessing Kent State Google Apps

Mailing List (Listserv)

Manage a group of email recipients within one address

Office 365 Email Distribution Group

Request a new Office 365 Email Distribution Group

Office 365 Shared Resources

Email address for shared mailbox

Office 365 Teams

Request new Office 365 Teams

Secure Email / Document Sharing (Accellion)

Secure file sharing for excessively large files

Third Party Email Access Form to Manage Employment Changes and Email Migrations

Access to another user's account and migration of email for retiring employees

Voicemail to Email

Request voicemail messages to be delivered to an Office 365 email inbox