Servers, Web Applications, and Web Hosting

Includes server provisioning and patching, website and database hosting, etc.

Services (8)

Submit a Ticket for Assistance with Servers, Web Applications, Websites, and Web Hosting

I need assistance with a server, Web app, website, or hosting service

Change a Server

Request changes to a server hosted by Information Technology

Database Hosting (SQL)

Request the creation of a new SQL Server database

Move a Server to the Data Center

Start the process to move your server to the University's high-security data center

Patch Management for Servers

Centrally managed patching for systems updates

Request a Server

Data storage and management on university supported virtual servers

System Design Consultation

Request a consultation to design server hardware, software, and infrastructure for applications

Websites and Website Hosting

Information about the different ways that websites can be hosted at Kent State University.