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Submit questions or request support related to your Kent State Adobe Creative Cloud personal subscription

Tech2You - After-hours technology support for students living in the residence halls

Request an analog phone line for your fax machiine or fire alarm

In-room instructional technologies ranging from individual equipment to comprehensive integrated systems

Hardware and staffing services for institutional athletic competitions, and for the majority of guest speakers and performers

Set-up of a self-service menu to route incoming calls

To request the creation or modification of a document imaging application

Request integration of upgrades or modules to enhance Banner's capabilities

Request modification of an existing Banner workflow web application used for approvals and enhanced request processing

Use this service to submit an Access Management Form for Processing.

Blackboard Collaborate allows instructors to deliver synchronous content within the Blackboard Learn environment

Information on various types of access to Blackboard Learn

Multiple sections of the same course may be combined into one within the same semester

Reports and logs for users and courses within Blackboard Learn