Change Your FlashLine Name


How can I change my FlashLine user name & email address?

FlashLine login names can only be modified due to a legal name change or if the user name is misspelled or vulgar. Please note that user ID's are truncated at 8 characters. To change your login, display name, or title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) you must present the appropriate form listed below and your certified marriage license or other legal documents as required by the Registrar’s Office (students), Division of Human Resources (staff) or Academic Personnel (faculty).

How to Request or Access This Service

Faculty and Staff

Students requesting a change of name must be currently enrolled and must present a photo ID as well as legal documentation, such as a court order, marriage license, birth certificate or an adoption order to the registration office of the campus where they are enrolled.

After the appropriate department makes the official change to your name, you can contact the Helpdesk or click the "Request Service" button to open a ticket and request that your e-mail address be changed to reflect your new name.  Click on Submit a Ticket and complete the personal information.  The Request Type should be Email/Listserv and the Email Request type should be FlashLine ID/Name Change Request.

For questions about how to request a change of name, please contact the appropriate office.  You can find contact information for frequently called offices on all Kent campuses by clicking here.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing issues related to this service, call the Help Desk at 330-672-4357.


There is no cost associated with this service.

Who May Request This Service

Faculty (Full-Time), Faculty (Part-Time), Staff, Students

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