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LTIs (Learning Tools Interoperability) are software modules that allow third-party products to integrate with our Canvas LMS. The most common functions are syncing course rosters, publisher content and importing grades from a third-party application. Requests for new tools are not a guarantee of installation. The implementation of a new LTI will require several steps and can be expected to take 4-6 weeks. 

For an up-to-date list of all currently installed and in progress LTIs, please visit our Canvas SharePoint site.

Once a request is submitted it will first be vetted for complete information. If any information is missing, incomplete or vague, Educational Technology Support will reach out for clarification or details.  

Several departments, both inside and outside the Division of Information Technology, may be included in the approval process.  

  • Student Accessibility Services and the IT department of ICT Compliance will review VPATs submitted with the request. If a VPAT is not submitted, additional testing of the LTI may be required to ensure compliance with Kent State University, The State of Ohio, and Federal policies. 
  • For any LTI that charges a fee to students and/or includes publisher content, the Division of Student Affairs will need to review the request and provide approval for the integration. 
  • The Office of Continuing and Distance Education may be consulted for pedagogical context. 
  • The department of Information Security will also review the data that may be transmitted to the vendor to ensure compliance with University policy and FERPA laws. 

Upon affirmation from all departments, Educational Technology Support will install the new LTI in our Test LMS environment so the faculty making the request (along with their educational technologists and/or instructional designers) can confirm that the component behaves as expected. 

After testing is completed and signed off by the requestor, Ed Tech Support will promote the LTI to our Production environment. All updates to this system are made during standard IT change windows on Sundays between 5-7am. The Division of Information Technology implements change freezes a couple times yearly to protect mission-critical systems during peak times such as the beginning and end of semesters. 

Annual reviews of all enabled LTIs will also take place once we have completed our migration to Canvas LMS. LTI’s not used for more than 2 academic years may be uninstalled from the system.

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