Secure Email / Document Sharing (Accellion)


As email is not a secure way to send files Kent State has procured a service, Accellion, to allow secure transmission of sensitive documents and data. Kent State's Secure File Sharing allows qualifying Kent State employees to securely send or request large files and files containing sensitive data.

How to Request or Access This Service

The university has a limited number of licenses for Accellion, intended for employees that are required to regularly send or request files containing sensitive data to non-university recipients. If you meet this requirement, please click the "Request Service" button above to request an account.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing issues related to this service, call the Help Desk at 330-672-4357.

For further information you can refer to our Knowledge Base articles by clicking here


There is no cost associated with this service.

Who May Request This Service

Faculty (Full-Time), Faculty (Part-Time), Staff