High Performance Computing (HPC)


If you have technology needs for research and grants or are unsure of where to start, Information Technology can help you find and implement the right solution.

OSC Mission:

  • OSC provides large-scale centralized research computing services, improving the quality and lowering the cost of research done in Ohio.
  • Access to OSC's advanced services allows clients to test and scale their work while avoiding the effort of managing their own systems.
  • Making Ohio's universities and businesses more competitive and aid them in retaining and recruiting top faculty, students, and staff. 

OSC provides: A research project with usage exempt from fees to institutions. Compute is limited to 10,000 RU per fiscal year, and storage is up to 5 TB on the Project service. Channels for communication with OSC support staff and with Campus Champions from other institutions. 


Cluster Computing:
A fully scalable center with mid-range machines to match those found at National Science Foundation centers and other national labs. 


Research Data Storage: 
High-0performance, large capacity data storage spaces along with others that are perfect for a wide variety of research data. 


High performance computing and networking resources come together to create an exciting and innovative teaching and research environment. 

Web Software Development: 
Our expert web development team helps you create custom web interfaces to simplify the use of powerful HPC resources. 

Scientific Software Development:
Deep expertise in developing and deploying software that runs efficiently and correctly on large scale cluster computing platforms. 

Here is an overview video of OSC's Services.

How to Request or Access This Service

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Technical Support

If you are experiencing issues related to this service, please submit a support request ticket at https://support.kent.edu or call the Help Desk at 330-672-4357.


There may be a cost associated with some services.

Who May Request This Service

Faculty (Full-Time), Faculty (Part-Time)

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