Kaltura Video Troubleshooting


This ticket is for anyone that is having difficulty playing, uploading, editing, or otherwise seeing any errors on their videos. This includes videos on: 

  • Video.kent.edu (Kaltura Mediaspace) 

  • Canvas integration (Kaltura Application Framework) 

  • Kaltura Capture 

If the issue is not video-related, please submit a ticket for general requests here: https://kent.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/2005/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=21440 

Common Issues: 

  • If you are seeing a “Fail to stop Recording” message in Kaltura Capture and are using a Mac, follow the steps listed here: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/control-access-to-screen-recording-on-mac-mchld6aa7d23/mac to allow access for screen recordings. 

  • To access any recordings uploaded through Kaltura Capture, you can find backups of your videos listed here: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/kaltura-capture-folder-directory 

  • Some issues have been noted with Kaltura In-Video Quizzes (IVQs) with regards to updating grades in Canvas/Analytics. Kaltura states that some adblockers and third-party browser extensions can cause data discrepancies in quizzes and analytics data being sent. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this yet and Kaltura cannot guarantee complete data integrity in using Kaltura IVQs. 

How to Request / Access This Service 

Please enter a ticket by clicking the "Request Service" button above.  


Technical Support 

If you are experiencing issues related to this service, please call the Help Desk at 330-672-4357. 



There is no cost associated with this service. 

Who May Request This Service 

Faculty (Full-Time), Faculty (Part-Time), Staff, Students 

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