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How To Take a Kaltura Video Quiz

For assistance with taking a video quiz in Kaltura, visit the link below:

Uploading Videos and Other Media to Kaltura

Kultura Log into Kaltura ( Click on Add New and select Media Upload Click on Choose a file to upload or Drag & Drop a file Navigate to a video on the computer and select it

Using Kaltura Video Quizzing - Faculty

users. The following sections of this article describe how you, the quiz creator, use the IVQ feature to create a quiz. To create a video quiz 1.      Log into Kaltura at using

Adding a Direct Link to a Kaltura Video in Blackboard

To add a direct link to a video in Blackboard Learn, please do the following: Go to the media area in Kaltura that houses the video you wish to link to. Click on the video. On the video

Embed a Kaltura Video in the Canvas Rich Content Editor

kaltura ... Instructors and students can embed Kaltura videos in their Canvas courses anywhere that the rich text editor appears (including pages, assignments, discussion posts, etc.).   1. ACCESS APPS

Faculty - Setting up In-Video Quizzes (IVQs) in Canvas

Details on how to create a Kaltura Quiz for Canvas Assignments ... kaltura ... Create a video quiz in your My Media in (Instructions here: How to Create a Kaltura Quiz)  Log in to Canvas and navigate to the course you would like to add the Kaltura

Student - Submitting a Video as Assignment or Discussion

Guide for students to easily submit Kaltura videos as assignments ... kaltura ... Navigate to the Kaltura Video assignment in the course. There are a few different ways to submit a Kaltura Video as part of an assignment, depending on how your instructor has the assignment set up

My Playlists

General information All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted. For best results with video, Kaltura recommends preparing videos in 1280x720 pixels and using the H

Submit a Ticket for Assistance with Educational Tools

I need assistance with educational tools like Kaltura and KSU Presenter ... Overview If you are experiencing an issue with Kaltura, Camtasia, KSU Dropbox, LinkedIn Learning or other educational tool, please see the following instructions.   How to Request or Access

Blackboard Course Data Download (Faculty)

uploaded to and stored in Kent State’s video hosting platform, Kaltura.  This is recommended if you will be re-using the recording in a future course as Kaltura integrates directly with Canvas for simple

Recording Lectures in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

An alternative to using Kaltura Capture to record and upload your lecture is to pre-record your lecture video in Collaborate (without any attendees) and then share it with students asynchronously

Creating Content in a Course Area (Faculty)

and add presentations, documents or Adobe PDF portfolios. Youtube video – share online videos. Kaltura Media – clicking this option will go directly to My Media where videos, audio

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Faculty)

will appear after you name the session.   Recording Lectures in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra An alternative to using Kaltura Capture to record and upload your lecture is to pre-record your