How do I Push Grades From Blackboard Learn to FlashLine?

About Grade Push

As Blackboard Learn is the official Learning Management System at Kent State University, course grades are commonly entered directly into Blackboard Learn, or downloaded to Blackboard Learn from a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel. To report the grades, the information must be entered into the university Midterm Grades roster or Final Grades roster.

In order to improve the ease and efficiency of recording grades for faculty who are utilizing Blackboard Learn for their courses, the Grade Push application has been developed to allow letter grades to be transferred from Blackboard Learn to the roster for an entire course as one entire group.

This documentation will aid in configuring Blackboard Learn by preparing the grade data, and successfully transferring the data simply and effectively using the Grade Push application.

NOTE: The Grade Push application can only be used for grades not already entered in the Midterm Grades roster or Final Grades roster. If you need to edit grades already entered in the Midterm/Final Grades roster or already pushed using the Grade Push application, you will need to edit those grades in the Midterm/Final Grades roster. The Grade Push application will not work for any grades already submitted.


The Grade Push application is designed to serve as an interface between Blackboard Learn and the Grades rosters for grade transfer. For the application to successfully complete a grade transfer, the information needs to be organized in a manner to allow for data items to coordinate within the two platforms. As the grades rosters require grades to be entered in a letter format, a similar format must be prepared in Blackboard Learn to coordinate the information. This guide will discuss the steps to:

1.     Ready the Blackboard Learn Grade center

2.     Set the grade information to be transferred

3.     Go and push the information into the Midterm Grades roster or Final Grades roster

Blackboard Learn

Create a Grades Roster Column

To “Ready” the grades for the push to the Midterm Grades or Final Grades roster, an additional column needs to be created in the existing Blackboard Learn Grade Center which must be labeled specifically to match the Grade Push application label, and ensure the proper transfer of information. The column in Blackboard must be EXACTLY labeled either Midterm Grade for Posting or Final Grade for Posting, for the entry of letter grades. These must be exact in order to accurately synchronize with the Grade Roster.

Once entered, the Grade Push application can be used to copy the Midterm or Final grades from Blackboard Learn and Push them to the corresponding Grades roster.

The new columns can be added by the following steps.

1.     From Blackboard Learn, select the appropriate course.

2.     From the Control Panel, click on Grade Center, and from the drop down choose the Full Grade Center link.

3.     Click on the Create Column link. 

4.     In the Create Grade Column page, Section 1. Column Information, name the column either Midterm Grade for Posting, or Final Grade for Posting in order to coordinate the data with the grades roster.

5.     Using the Primary Display drop-down, select the option for “Letter” to format the column for letter grades.

6.     In the Points Possible field, enter the appropriate number of Midterm total points or Final total points, which reflect the course grading policy specified in your syllabus.

7.     In section 2. Dates, no additional date needs to be added.

8.     In section 3. Options, choose from the following:

              a.     ‘Include this Column in grade Center Calculations’

                                               i.     Select “No” for Final Grade for Posting

                                             ii.     Select “No for Midterm Grade for Posting

              b.     ‘Show the Column to Students’ – “Yes” or “No” per instructor preference.

              c.     ‘Show Statistics’ – select “No”

9.     In section 4. Submit, click the Submit button to create the column.

The process should be repeated to create two new columns in Blackboard Learn, one each for Midterm Grade for Posting and Final Grade for Posting.

A green banner will appear at the top of the Grade Center page notifying of a successful column addition. Letter grades may now be entered into Blackboard Learn in the new column.

If a Total Grade column is being used in Blackboard Learn, an additional Calculated Column may be created, instead of a standard column, to utilize the current total Percentage information to create a letter grade from the current grading schema.


Enter Letter Grade Data

To “Set” the data to transfer, the letter grades need to be entered into the newly created ‘Grade for Posting’ column. Clicking in the cell for the appropriate student selects the cell and allows the grade to be entered. Pressing the enter key accepts the typed grade and moves the cursor to the next cell down.

If Blackboard Learn is being used to calculate grades by percentage for the course, adding a calculated column for the letter grade will calculate and enter the grade based upon the course schema. No further actions are necessary in Blackboard Learn.

Grade Push Application

Access Grade Push in FlashLine

With grades either entered or calculated as a letter grade format in Blackboard Learn, they can now “Go” to the Final Grades roster via the Push function of the Grade Push application. It can be accessed by navigating to the Faculty & Advisors category, the Faculty Dashboard page, and the Grading Resources panel, and using the link for Grade Push.

Push Grades to the Grades Roster

Available courses can be viewed by selecting the appropriate academic term from the list of those available. An indicator on the right displays the number of terms available for viewing. Clicking the Check Courses button for the selected term allows the user to select a Grading Period, and retrieve the list of courses.

From the drop down menu, a selection of what Grading Period to view must be made. Selecting Final Grades, or Midterm Grades produces the list of Available Courses for the selected term, and access to the grade view and entry pages.

The Available Courses page displays the list of courses for the term that was chosen. If the Grading Period window is not open to push grades, a notification will appear above the course list and in the comments column of the display.

A notification in the Comments column will appear if the column has not been set up or if the column is set up incorrectly in Blackboard Learn.

 If the grading period is in effect for a course, and the ‘Grades for Posting’ column has been set up correctly, the Comments column will be blank and the class may be selected to initiate the Grade Push by clicking the Check Grades button for the course.

The class roster will display on the Grades page, showing any grades that have been entered into Blackboard Learn for the students. The icons on the right show how many grades are Ready to Push, how many grades Will Not be Pushed, and how many have already been recorded to the Midterm Grades roster or the Final Grades roster.

Once the grades are pushed to the appropriate grades roster, any grade edits must be done in the roster itself. Any necessary grade changes to be made prior to being pushed, may continue to be made in Blackboard Learn.

Grade Pushes are completed for all students in the course with grades Ready to Push by clicking the “Push # Grades” button in the upper-right hand corner of the page. Grade Pushes can be completed several times for a course, during the Grading Period window, if needed, until all student grades have been entered into the grades roster.

A confirmation page will appear to allow for a final review of the grades to be pushed. Clicking the Confirm Grade Push button will complete the action.

When the Push is complete, a notification box will appear to confirm success, including a notation that an email has been sent as well to confirm the grade push. A button will be available to return to the Available Courses list.

Additionally, a confirmation email will be sent to the user with the subject line noting that the grades were successfully pushed, and indicating the specific class. More detail regarding the action is explained in the email body.

Returning to the Available Courses page displays the list of courses for the Grading Period and allows the user to continue to view or push grades using the Check Grades button.

Viewing the course with recently pushed grades displays that the selected grades have been pushed and the count for the icons on the right have adjusted to represent the current number of grades Ready to Push, Will Not be Pushed, and already In the Grades Roster. If all available grades in Blackboard Learn have been pushed, the “Push # Grades” button will be inactive.

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