How do I setup Office 365 for faculty and staff email and calendars on my computer or mobile device?

Office 365 is the email, calendar and contact list protocol used for most full time faculty and staff at Kent State University.  Students and those without an Office 365 account should use Kent State's GMail (click here for setup instructions).

To access your email via the web, visit and login with your Kent State user name and password (see article 38344)

For setup instructions for your email client software, visit the following articles:



Mobile Devices:

Mobile Devices (such as iPhone or Android)

NOTE:  WebOS (Palm) is not an officially supported platform for Exchange, but if you can configure an ActiveSync connection on that device, it will likely connect to exchange online.

If you do not currently have access to an Exchange account and are a full time staff or faculty member, please submit a request at  

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