How can I create an alternate email address?

If you do not already have an alternate email address, there are several third party providers that offer free email, such as Yahoo, Windows Live email (Hotmail), and Gmail.  Kent State University will not use this alternate email address for marketing purposes.  It will be used strictly for the password reset process.

NOTE:  The Kent State Helpdesk will not be able to assist with password resets for the alternate email addresses.  In the set up instructions below, you will find hints on how to retrieve a forgotten password for an alternate email address.

Am I required to provide an alternate email address when setting up my FlashLine account?


Go to and click on Create a New Account.

 Create new Yahoo account

Follow the prompts, complete all the information that is requested, and click “Create My Account.”

Forgot your password?

When you enter an incorrect password or username, you will get the following message:

 Yahoo can't access my account link.

Click on “I can't access my account” and follow the prompts for assistance.

Windows Live Email (Hotmail)

 Go to

Click on the Sign Up Now link sign up for new account link. 

Follow the prompts, complete all the information that is requested, and click “I accept.”

Forgot your password?

1.  Under Sign In on the Left of the screen, click "Can't access your account?"

2.  Enter your email address and copy the Captcha code into the box.

3.  You will be given an option to receive your new password by email or you can answer a security question.  

4.  If you choose to have a password emailed to you, it will be sent to the email address you used when you set up this account.  If that is your Kent email address and you can't access that account, this is not a good option.

5.  If you choose to answer your security question, you will be given the opportunity to reset your password on the next screen.

6.  If neither of these options work, you will have to fill out a questionnaire and it may take up to 24 hours to access your account.


Go to

Click on “Create an account”

Create new Gmail account link

Follow the prompts, complete all the information that is requested, and click “I accept. Create my account”

Forgot your password?

As shown in the graphic above, click on “Can’t access your account?” Type in your Gmail email address and click “Submit.” You will be asked to type in some encoded letters. You will then be given a choice of how to receive your new email address. If you see something that looks like this:


this is a hint to which email account you chose as your alternate email, encoded with dots for security reasons.  If you choose this account, your new password will be sent to your Kent email account (or whichever account you put in as an alternate email address). Continue to follow the prompts until you are able to retrieve your new password.

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