Update guest user account password

Students who are not required to matriculate to the university in order to take part in professional certification programs or audit courses must have a special guest user account created in order to access university services such as the University Library or Blackboard Learn LMS used to deliver online courses.

All guest user accounts are created with a temporary password that MUST be updated in order to access university services.

Step 1. Locate your guest account username

An email confirming your guest user account has been created will be sent to your personal email address. The email will contain you guest user account username.

Step 2. Go to the KSU FlashLine login page

Once the guest account username has been located, go to https://login.kent.edu. Enter it in the “Username” field on the Flashline login page.

Image of Flashline login page

Step 3. Enter your temporary password

A temporary password has already been created and assigned to your guest user account. In compliance with university security policies, the password cannot be sent in the same email as your username. Use the formula below to identify your temporary password, then type it in the “Password” field on the Flashline login page.

  • First two letters of your first name in UPPER CASE
  • Date of birth listed as Year, Month, Day (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • First two letter of your last name in lower case

Ex. Charles Kent, date of birth: 12/08/1965. Temporary password = CH19651208ke

Once both the “Username” and “Password fields are entered, select the “Login” Button.

Note: The temporary password entered MUST match the temporary password created by the university. Be sure to double or triple check the password has been properly identified before contacting your sponsor or the HelpDesk.

Step 4. Update your guest user account information

Pay attention to the New Password Requirements when creating your new guest user account password.

Note: Guest account users who forget their password can recover it: https://login.kent.edu/Login/ForgotPassword


Image of update account page. The account setup section has fields for alternate email address

For assistance with accessing Blackboard Learn with your guest account, please visit this article on Blackboard Learn access.

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