FortiClient VPN info

FortiClient VPN is the new VPN client provided by the university. It can be downloaded by visiting the software catalog and searching “FortiClient”, and selecting "View Details":

image of Forticlient in the software catalog

The next screen will give you instructions on how to install it on Mac or Windows operating systems:

image of install screen instructions


NOTE: Click here for instructions on downloading the FortiClient VPN on mobile devices.


The FortiClient VPN:

  • Is a replacement for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN, which will be phased out by the end of 2018 Fall semester.
  • Will NOT provide access to library resources. This is a change from the Cisco Anyconnect VPN. Library resources should be accessed using the KSU Proxy.
    • If you are following web links from other resources such as Blackboard, course syllabi, or personal bookmarks, please check the URL and verify the link begins with the KSU Proxy Prefix:
    • For more information on this, please visit the KSU Proxy article under the section "Having trouble accessing KSU Proxy from off Campus?"

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