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I need assistance with accessing my account

I need assistance with a computer or related hardware, a mobile device, or a printer

I need assistance with a network connection, telephone, or cable TV

I need assistance with Office 365, Gmail or other Google Apps, or a distribution group

Request changes to an existing telephone service

I need assistance with a server, Web app, website, or hosting service

Request a wired network access port in an academic or administrative building

I need assistance with enterprise applications like Banner, Workflows, or Cognos

I need assistance with Blackboard Learn

Request a wired network access port in a residence hall room

I need assistance with Kent State supported software

Set up a FlashLine account or recover a forgotten password

Kent State is licensed to install various software, including Microsoft Office, on Windows and OS X computers owned by the university

Basic cable TV is standard in all residence hall rooms

Student employees are issued a separate FlashLine account to conduct job-related tasks

FlashLine name changes changes the username and email address you utilize with the University

I need assistance with A/V equipment in a classroom or other on-campus space, or Digital Signage.

Email address for shared mailbox

Details about various software, including Microsoft Office, for students for use on their personal computers

Multiple sections of the same course may be combined into one within the same semester

Request a new Office 365 Email Distribution Group

Information regarding local desktop support

Electronic signatures for digital authorizations and approvals

Connecting gaming and smart devices to the Kent State network

I need assistance with an IT security related services such as VPN, Security Camera Recordings, or Compromised accounts